Honoring Legacies & Protecting Families

The Kim Realty Group (KRG) aims to be the gold standard for the delivery of trust, probate, conservatorship, and other life event services in real estate within San Diego County and the surrounding Southern California area. Through our expertise, our commitment is to serve people with empathy in their most trying time (understanding the complications the wrong Realtor/real estate agent could create in these situations). Most of all, our goal is to work with you, your family, attorney, fiduciary, and other trusted service providers to honor the legacy of the one who has passed and protect the relationships of those they leave behind.

Oftentimes the real estate asset within settling a family estate is the most complex as it carries the most value and/or sentimental attachment. Therefore, we believe that more than any other real estate submarket, the trust, probate, conservatorship, and other life event sectors require the highest level of service and problem solving to deliver the desired result. This is our specialization and commitment. We call this our Turnkey Real Estate Solution.

Who We Serve

Directly Serve:  We serve Trustees, Personal Representatives (Executors/Administrators), and Conservators related to the real estate side of the estate settlement process. Oftentimes the real estate asset within settling a family estate is the most complex as it carries the most value and/or sentimental attachment. Therefore, we simply want to provide this turnkey (concierge) real estate service where you feel secure knowing everything is being taken care of. We want to give you comfort that there is one less thing to worry about. Our goal is to provide a clear real estate plan by working with you, your family and your attorney/fiduciary to deliver the best result. Additionally, due to our expertise and relationships, we are able to recommend other trusted service providers to help with your other estate settlement needs.

Indirectly Serve:  We serve the clients of attorneys, fiduciaries, wealth advisors, CPA/tax accountants, and other service providers who need to rely on a trusted real estate expert in this specialization. We understand the unique processes and details required in estate settlements and have developed systems to honor your time. We also understand and value the communication needed to serve our mutual client together as a team. Beyond the real estate expertise, we focus on relational equity; we resolve problematic property situations, we mediate issues with difficult family dynamics, we help the process run more smoothly, and we work expeditiously in a manner that consistently increases value.

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Our Team

  • Jeff Kim
    Jeff Kim
    Owner & Team Leader
  • Katie Deuth
    Katie Deuth
    REALTOR® & Consultant
  • Jessica Appley
    Jessica Appley
    REALTOR® & Consultant

What Our Clients are Saying

  • Thomas L.
    Shortly after my father passed away in February, I discovered that he had no Estate planning and that I would have to retain a probate attorney. It was this attorney that recommended Kim Realty Group. After a brief discussion and a walk-through of the house, I knew that Jeff and Jessica were people I could trust. From offer to closing was around 19 days and that was only due to the holiday. Everything Jeff and Jessica said they would do they did. Every time I had a question, they were available. They explained the process and walked me through the paperwork. They were extremely professional and kind every time we spoke. It was one of the easiest transactions I have ever completed in my life.   The sale of the home would have happened at some point and it could have been handled by any licensed realtor agent. It’s the little things that matter the most.  You will be hard-pressed to find a more Honorable, Dependable, and Trustworthy team than Kim Realty Group. - Thomas Langford, Probate Administrator
    Thomas L.
    Client - Probate Administrator
  • Lance & Lori R.
    So after my wife told me about Kim Realty, we reached out to them and that was a godsend right there. They have so much knowledge when it comes to the estate, and being a trustee, and how to navigate this whole situation. And if I would have just gone with somebody else, just a real estate agent, I don't think that we would have gotten the house sold in the timeframe that we needed to. Because working with all the individuals that were involved with this reverse mortgage, the loan company, the solar panel company, dealing with everything in this process, they were just right there to help us through every little bit of that, which was just so incredible. Because I would've never known how to do these things and I don't think that a normal real estate agent would either.
    Lance & Lori R.
    Client - Trustee
  • Tom
    It was an estate case that could go sideways in so many ways, starting with the deplorable condition of the home. Luckily, Jeff Kim and his team were retained by the administrator of the estate to do a full-scale clean-up, and then determine if it was better to invest money to maximize price, or conserve money and sell as-is. We all relied on Jeff’s expertise and determined the best course of action was to sell as-is, which proved to be the right call, as the property was quickly sold to an all-cash buyer for 22% over the asking price, after more than a dozen bids from interested parties. As an estate attorney with over three decades of experience, I have never encountered the level of service the Kim Realty Group provided. I will definitely use their team again in any estate matters that may arise in the future.
    San Diego Estate Planning Attorney
  • Amanda S.
    I cannot even begin to express what a pleasure it was to work with Jeff. Dealing with real property during a Probate can be difficult for clients. Jeff is sensitive to those concerns making him an asset to the Probate process for any law firm. He is dedicated, smart, efficient, and customer driven. He believes in what he does. I highly recommend using him for all of your real estate needs.
    Amanda S.
    Estate Settlement Department Director
  • Thomas and Lisa Calabro
    Jeff is simply the best Realtor we've ever encountered. And my wife and I have bought more than half a dozen homes between us! As my wife said a million times during our time searching for a home with Jeff, "Wow, he's got it all buttoned up!" Not only is Jeff is diligent, thorough, a strong client advocate, and great with real estate financials (both commercial and residential), he's also personable, understanding, and a great listener and communicator. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial- Jeff is the model for what all Realtors should be! After the experience we had with him purchasing our dream home, we are proud to say Jeff will be our friend and Realtor for life!
    Thomas and Lisa Calabro
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Jeff Kim
Owner & Team Leader

As my background lies in luxury hotel management and process improvement consulting, Kim Realty Group operates with “A Luxury Concierge Experience Tailored to Your Story” as its core foundation. We have sold over 100+ properties, have 100+ five (5) star reviews, and have not once been unable to sell a client’s property. Our ethos to provide a high-end service delivers optimum results using proven systems, which is why our clients have turned to us across all real estate sectors. We serve based on our client’s unique, individual needs above all else.

I’m a Problem solver – that has always been my greatest value throughout my entire career in serving people. Therefore, Kim Realty Group is dedicated to specialize and serve clients in their most complex real estate situations. When I’m not serving clients I love spending time with my wife, family/friends, and church community. You can also find me on the golf course, on a pickleball court, and cheering on all my hometown Colorado Sports Teams!

Katie Deuth
REALTOR® & Consultant

I’m a people person. I love real estate because I get to share and create lifelong memories for my clients. My background has always been in serving people so I’m thankful to do what I do every day!  Real estate allows me to take the journey with each client in helping them discover the best strategy to achieve their personal and family goals in buying or selling a home. Each home buying or selling experience carries its own unique story, which requires its own unique result. From managing a sale of a difficult estate settlement, to buying a new home while selling their current home, to relocating to San Diego (and everything in between) I listen to each client’s preferences and am quick to support them in any way possible. Through it all, I seek to provide a joyful experience from start to finish.

I grew up in the Midwest where I met my amazing husband. We have two beautiful daughters. Besides my cherished time with my family, you’ll find me with friends, hiking, visiting the ocean, and traveling.

Jessica Appley
REALTOR® & Consultant